Manager, Regulatory Affairs Comanche Peak Nuclear Power PLant

Job Description This position is responsible for managing the Regulatory Affairs Department to provide regulatory services and support necessary for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant (CPNPP).  This position is accountable for the overall interface of Luminant Power with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other regulatory agencies to obtain and maintain necessary licenses and permits, to resolve regulatory issues, to submit requiredreports, and to coordinate NRC inspection and oversight activities. Key Roles & Responsibilities Other duties may be assigned. Directly or through others, the incumbent will: Represents Luminant Power with the NRC and other regulatory agencies on matters pertaining to CPNPP including the licensing bases, license amendments, relief requests, burden reduction and improvements, and inspections while enhancing Luminant's regulatory reputation. Maintains the licensing basis for CPNPP, as required by federal regulations, through the control of licensing basis documents and regulatory correspondence. Establishes policy and processes necessary to update the licensing bases to accommodate changes to the design bases, operating practices, regulations and industry experience. Develops strategy and provide long-range direction for regulatory improvements and reduction of regulatory burden. Manages the resolution of questions involving the interpretation of NRC regulations, rules, license requirements, Technical Specification requirements, Safety Analysis Report commitments and report ability issues. Assures that information communicated to regulatory agencies is timely and technically accurate. Provides timely and accurate reporting of significant nuclear safety items to Luminant Power management and to appropriate local, state and federal agencies in compliance with the regulations that govern these reporting requirements. Maintains a Commitment Management System as a management tool to increase confidence in the completion of and compliance with regulatory requirements. Develops and maintains a program that enables CPNPP to make changes, tests and experiments in accordance with 10CFR50.59. Supports the NRC inspection program of CPNPP and manages station support of the NRC Reactor Oversight Program (ROP). Provides insight to Luminant Power management on reactor oversight matters such as NRC performance indicators, NRC inspection results, enforcement activities and issue significance determination. Provides timely and accurate reporting of NRC performance indicators and INPO/WANO performance indicators. Participates in and provides leadership to industry groups and committees such the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), PWR Owners Group, Utility Alliance, and Region IV Utility Group to maintain awareness of regulatory trends and to effect regulatory reform and influence. Assures implementation of NERC/FERC rules. Member of the CPNPP Station Operations Review Committee (SORC), a multi-discipline body of station management responsible for review and approval of a broad range of activities including procedures, eventreporting, operating license changes, modifications and corrective actions. Education, Experience, & Skill Requirements Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in engineering or a related science degree, and ten or more years nuclear-related experience Five years of leadership experience in nuclear licensing activities Experience in interacting with NRC inspectors and technical staff Knowledge of nuclear regulations, regulatory review processes and inspectionprocesses; nuclear codes and standards; budgeting, planning and scheduling; nuclear plant operations; Luminant Power policies and procedures; nuclear policies and procedures; and nuclear safety analyses. Professional Engineer registration and/or Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license or certification preferred. 40001976
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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